Propane Safety

People Holding Letters Of Safety

Here at PacWest, we take safety very seriously.

We want every customer to be comfortable with their tank, piping and appliances. If you sleep comfortably and safely at night, than so do we.

From the time of your initial “Gas Check” of your system, to subsequent deliveries, by your cross-trained delivery drivers, we practice ongoing safety and inspections.

We strictly adhere to NFPA(National Fire Protection) and IFC(International Fire Code) standards because it  means your safety and ours.

We will make recommendations/corrections as we see fit and help you the customer, have options if your system may need some upgrades/modifications.  All this while trying to keep everything affordable.

If regulators need updating, we will provide at very reasonable pricing, the changeover to a manufacturer that provides a 10-year warranty/25-year service life of the typical regulators used in most residential applications.

In summary, as a family owned company, we will always treat you like a name, and not just a number.


The PacWest Propane Family